Always the same.

Always different.

Melissa was born out of disruption. We emerged in 1979 to transform plastic into classic, and classic into extraordinary.

The Aranha model, inspired by the footwear worn by French Riviera fishermen, was an immediate success and has become a symbol for generation after generation.
Melissa is made of stories. Each person’s story with the brand is what makes it relevant. It is connecting with others and assimilating other points of view and ways of living that makes us both singular and plural at the same time. Our story is yours. And in your story there is Melissa.

Melissa is art, fashion and design. But it is also sustainability.

We are cruelty-free. And 100% recyclable. Thanks to Melflex®, our very own PVC, every pair of Melissas is flexible, comfortable and resistant. We know that an extraordinary future is only possible if we are very responsible and take a stand. Learn about our Sustainability journey.

Melissa was one of the first brands in the world to create collaborative collections.

Melissa was
one of first
brands in the
world to create

In 1983, we launched our first collaboration with the iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier, renowned for his eccentric and avant-garde designs. Our products, created with and carrying the signature of big names in fashion, art and design, are accessible to everybody. Take a look at our timeline and reminisce with us about our story.


Created in 2001, Lazy Oaf is a British fashion brand renowned for its bold colors and graphic designs. The brand, created by illustrator and designer Gemma Shiel, has an underlying sense of humor that comes through in its collections. In this new collaboration with Melissa, the Kick Off Sandal and the City Bag are revamped in a new color palette with daisy and heart details that convey the fun and playful spirit of the two brands. BUY CURRENT COLLABORATION


An unprecedented collab to celebrate the extraordinary with unusual cuts, shapes and reconstructions. Melissa + Y/Project carries the whole identity of the latter brand’s creative director, Glenn Martens, combining conceptual detailing with playful proportions and a witty take on historical references. The result is collections with dramatically reinvented silhouettes and modified constructions. The French brand, which is highly regarded by top artists around the world, gives life to the Melissa Court Shoe + Y/Project, a model that is inspired by the trinkets on rococo vases. The mule has a cut-glass texture and a washed paint effect. With its low heel and striking design, it’s the perfect choice for those wanting to amaze with comfort and elegance. The Melissa Beach Slide also gets two new versions with a washed paint effect and 3DB prints of tapestries, bringing a royal mood to the spotlight.


The French stylist Thierry Mugler, famous for his iconc perfumes, also created a futuristic model for Melissa in 1983.


In 1982, Melissa collaborated for the first time with the Parisian fashion house Dorothée Bis, one of the biggest names in young French fashion at the time. In 1983, Dorothée Bis worked with Elisabeth de Senneville to create the Melissa Liberté. “Plastic is a modern material with a touch of finesse, translucence and texture granulation which account for its excellent and sophisticated qualities.” Commented Jacqueline Jacobson, the designer behind the brand.


The collaboration with Yes Brasil was very successful and marked a generation. Launched in 1987, it showed how different designs can be implemented in the fashion world, transmitting that Brazilian style which is a part of Melissa’s DNA. It combines the form of a ballerina shoe with a wide strap around the heel and polka dot pattern holes cut out over the whole surface.


Marcelo Sommer entered onto the footwear scene for the first time in 2002 in a partnership with Melissa. The collaboration’s shoes were a hit among consumers and the most requested on internet forums at the time. The Melissa Esmeralda, one of the biggest hits, comes in versions with translucent straps and a variety of prints, and its name is inspired by the Emerald City from the classic “The Wizard of Oz”. “Technology allowed for this new edition. Thanks to new resources, the Melissa can be printed on as if it were fabric, with themes, leopard print, wallpaper, etc.”, explains the stylist Marcelo Sommer.


Created in 1974 by Renato Kherlakian, Zoomp was one of the biggest JeansWear brands in Brazil. In 1987 they collaborated with Melissa for the first time. In the summer of 2007 Melissa and Zoomp teamed up again to bring us the Melissa Pin Up + Zoomp and the Melissa Tutti Frutti + Zoomp.


The English fashion stylist, accessory designer and artistic director Judy Blame also formed a part of Melissa’s world of collabs. The shoes took on characteristics from the punk scene, Blame’s trademark. Renowned for his ability to recycle and transform different materials into unique pieces, always with a cheeky personal touch, Blame is one of the most sought-after contemporary designers, feted by music celebrities like Boy George – for whom he designed accessories – Björk, Neneh Cherry and the English group Massive Attack. He also created a male accessory line for Comme des Garçons, contributed to Louis Vuitton’s collection and was a guest editor at ID magazine. In his collaborations with Melissa, his bold design and avant-garde silhouettes can be seen in modern-looking shoes.

Stephane Kélian

Created in 1978 by the Kéloglanian brothers (Georges, Gérard and Stéphane), the French footwear brand has already worked with the biggest names in Parisian fashion like Issey Miyake and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Its collaboration with Melissa combined French and Brazilian design.


In 2002, Melissa + Romero Britto gave international weight to a truly Brazilian collaboration. The partnership with the visual artist, who works with images in vibrant, bright colors, produced three models: the Melissa Possession with a square toe and prints on the insole; the Donna (printed platform heel); and two versions of the flip flop – strappy and with a wedge heel and prints on the insole. A romantic and fun heart-shaped backpack, printed by Romero Britto, completes the collection.


Authentic, global, cool and packed with attitude, Rosa Chá joined Melissa in 2005 to release a collaboration that portrayed the aura of these two brands.


In 1982, Melissa collaborated for the first time with the Parisian fashion house Dorothée Bis, one of the biggest names in young French fashion at the time. In 1983, Dorothée Bis worked with Elisabeth de Senneville to create the Melissa Liberté. “Plastic is a modern material with a touch of finesse, translucence and texture granulation which account for its excellent and sophisticated qualities.” Commented Jacqueline Jacobson, the designer behind the brand.


In 1996, our partnership with the designer Patrick Cox made its mark in fashion with a transparent heel filled with liquid and a miniature Eiffel Tower. The revisited Melissa / Patrick Cox collab came back in full force in 2019. This time, the heel contains symbols of the cities in which we have built a Melissa Gallery: New York’s Statue of Liberty, London’s Big Ben and metallic hearts in homage to São Paulo, where our soul is.


In 1983, we began our first collaboration with the iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier, known for eccentric and avant-garde designs. “More than just a style, plastic is a state of mind, it’s behavior, it’s resourcefulness. If we are cutting t-shirts, why not cut a pair of trainers? Exclusively, here are the new ‘bare feet’.” said the stylist when talking about designing with Melissa.


Line, the Korean messaging app, introduced us to the cutest characters around today: Line Friends. This gang has already inspired fashion, games and even has its own café in Seoul. They became popular thanks to their Kawaii (cute in Japanese) aesthetic which is becoming more and more trendy, confirming itself as a cool and must-have element of the most popular streetstyle outfits. In this new collaboration with Melissa, the shoes have a fun, playful and authentic identity, breathing fun and character into outfits.


Creator of the brand Thais Gusmão, which carries her own name, Thais is an underwear designer. In 2005 she teamed up with Melissa for the first time, bringing along a super colorful palette and daring animal print inspired by details from her lingerie line. In 2006 the partnership was back with the iconic Melissa Donna getting a makeover with graphic and fun prints, making it a hit of the season.


Viktor&Rolf is a brand founded in 1993, specializing in creating conceptual fashion, avant-garde designs. For more than twenty years, the duo has continued to challenge industry prejudices to seamlessly bridge the gap beween fashion and art, with a creative vision that is always remarkable, conceptual and disruptive. In our new collaboration, the delicate style is perfect for adding to a simple outfit as well as adorning a more sophisticated look for a formal event. An urban and cosmopolitan concept which is usable, versatile and utterly cool: it’s the reinvention of haute couture within the Melissa universe. BUY CURRENT COLLABORATION


The partnership with the Argentine who currently lives in London was born from the Melissa Next Project. The aim of this project is to find emerging creators in the UK, offering them a unique opportunity: to create an original design that will be released worldwide. Fiorella Gianini’s design won the most votes from the public and she joined Melissa’s creative team to release a unique model.

Inspired by the fashion and art scene of the 60s, the shoe has a cylindrical heel with a special touch: the print is based on a zoom-in of one of Fiorella’s paintings. A design that is unique and comfortable, colorful and intense. Fiorella used her own artwork as part of this original creation, transforming the model into a work of art that is full of energy and also perfect for composing comfortable outfits.


Helen Kirkum is a London designer internationally renowned for her edgy creations which transform classic shapes into models full of character. In a collection celebrating Melissa’s 40 years, the artist was invited to develop a model incorporating some detail from every product released throughout the year to mark the anniversary of the brand. The result is a hybrid between a sneaker and a sandal with a super futuristic style and an authentic and extraordinary color palette.


An undeniable classic where an iconic 90s character makes an appearance. The Melissa + Gato Felix collab has light and versatile shoes in a vibrant (and genderless!) range of colors and a highly nostalgic applique of the character’s face.


Melissa brought the hybrid aesthetic of the streets to this collab, celebrating tradition through the contemporary codes of its renowned design. Melissa + FILA is the powerful result of crossing the Italian label’s legacy with the Brazilian streetwear brand’s expertise; a memorable collection.


Cavalera, one of the protagonists of the pop universe in Brazil, also joined Melissa in a historic collaboration full of character. The Love System trainer marked a generation with its understated and irreverent lines.


Opening Ceremony combines the worlds of fashion, travel and culture through its spirit of exploration and collaboration. Its partnership with Melissa celebrates their shared mission to connect with the creative youth of the world. Opening Ceremony dove into the archives to revisit some of the more classic shapes of the Brazilian brand and bring them back with an unexpected and textured twist. A fisherman’s net mesh combines with a feminine silhouette and a fresh and vibrant color palette for hotter days.

The Melissa Hatch + Opening Ceremony brings this new, authentic mesh pattern to the spotlight, conveying the brand’s characteristic cosmopolitan style through an irreverent sandal.

The Melissa Ladii + OC is available in a range of vibrant colors. The mule, with its geometric shape and obviously structured heel, is a must-have for authentic and comfortable outfits.

Last of all, a classic shape that is cool and on a par with fashionista standards. The Melissa Flipp + Opening Ceremony slide has all the propensity of the sporty world in a fresh interpretation. There are two versions: one with the collab’s much desired, exclusive mesh pattern and the other in the more current logomania style.


One of the most promising talents right now in fashion, Marine Serre’s work stands out for conveying references in a good-humored and committed way. For the collab with Melissa, we created an original version of the trendy Melissa She. The new version of the classic flat mule is made with melflex and has metallic and chrome finishes resembling the paint on racing cars. On the insole, Marine’s logo appears in the stylist’s hallmark print.


Authenticity and irreverance are things these two labels have in common. The brand led by Fábio de Souza and Alexandre Herchcovitch renews its partnership with Melissa for more unexpected and incredible designs. BUY CURRENT COLLABORATION


The collaboration between these two sister brands is synonymous with worldwide success. Melissa + Rider celebrates streetstyle with every new drop, bringing Rider’s classic features to Melissa’s fun aesthetic and always with a lot of practicality, comfort and technology. BUY CURRENT COLLABORATION


Created in 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty is a pop icon that transcends generations and, with her symbolic head bow, continues to capture hearts around the world. This season, her charming universe meets Melissa’s wonderful world of plastic resulting in an unprecedented partnership, likely to amaze adults as well as children. In Melissa + Hello Kitty, one of the most famous characters in the world comes to life through the label’s shoes, displaying all her cuteness in stylish models for the next season.


The brand which started as a concept store in Milan in the 90s and today has various sales points around the world is now a part of the Melissa universe.

10 Corso Como is a revolutionary design space which combines music, art and lifestyle, bringing culture and business together like never before. That multifunctional philosophy of the brand fits perfectly with the essence of Melissa.

The pairs of shoes chosen for this collaboration perfectly illustrate the authentic mood of both brands, with exclusive black and white prints inspired by the 10 Corso Como logo.



Renowned for its innovative creations and iconic partnerships with big names in art and design, Melissa now takes its expertise in plastic to the field of collaborative creation in a new international project: Citizens Of Everywhere. Developed in conjunction with the online platform AWAYTOMARS, this project resulted in a collection of shoes that reflects the creative impulse of collaborators from all over the world.

The Melissa / AWAYTOMARS collab consists of three items. The highlight is the unprecedented Melissa Citizen + AWAYTOMARS, a modern and minimalist version of the traditional clog. The new version of the Melissa Beach Slide, the brand's best seller, features a platform, a glitter finish and three color options. Melissa Cosmic Sandal + AWAYTOMARS, another classic of the brand, was developed by the platform's collaborators in two iridescent (metallic) versions and a translucent one in earth tone. All three versions have a band of glitter around the side and a back strap for fastening, ensuring a more snug and safe fit.


Plastic python is the new black. Our collab with this north-american brand, endorsed by the coolest celebs, has a great novelty: plastic python texture in an exclusive and cruelty-free model. The pair also comes in basic colors and sizes from 33/34 to 44, more reasons for you to love them.


The celebrated partnership between Melissa and Comme des Garçons was shown for the first time in the SS18 season of the Paris Fashion Week. The Japanese label created a full plastic take on the Oxford shoe. There are four versions of the Melissa Derby + Comme des Garçons: smooth black, black with sawdust, beige with sawdust and finally beige with sanded sawdust. The shoe is made with PVC injection mould technology with wood, giving it a rustic look.


We have teamed up with Brazilian stylist Vitorino Campos to create a contemporary line inspired by people’s outlook – on fashion and themselves. That is how we created the Melissa + Vitorino Campos, made up of innovative features that convey Vitorino’s style through the well-known design of Melissa products.

The Cambridge Satchel Company

British brand The Cambridge Satchel Company, renowned for its iconic Satchel bags, is in an exclusive collab with Melissa, combining their market expertise in a futuristic line. The combination of English tradition with plastic style gives us a memorable capsule collection: Melissa + The Cambridge Satchel Company. Inspired by the classic 11 Inch Satchel, the new version of the bag is completely waterproof and has a unique design with a practical fastener.


Jeremy Scott’s irreverence and his inspiration from the 90s pop universe are conveyed in an exclusive collab with Melissa. The shoes stand out with an inflatable air valve attached, as if they were inflatable. They are available in a variety of vibrant colors.


For the summer of 2013, we joined forces with the stylist Pedro Lourenço in a successful partnership with two new shoe models. The first is the Melissa N° 1, a powerful and super sexy, high heeled sandal which will leave the hardcore fashionistas head over heels. For the second, Pedro customized the Divine: the ballerina shoe now has a modern appearance with a dégradé effect in the colors and a matt finish.


The traditional English brand Liberty joins Melissa in a collaboration that will fill the summer with flowers. The classic flat shoe is available in two different colors, pink and blue, and is covered all over in Liberty’s famous floral print.


The fashion empire of Karl Lagerfeld, the most iconic designer of the 21st Century, reached our world. His talent was transformed into a Melissa, breaching the barriers between haute-couture and prêt-à-porter. Inspired by Brazilian joie de vivre, the collab presents shoes that bring the designer’s signature elegance and high spirits to Melissa’s universe.


After working with Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and Versace, the English artist is partnering with Melissa to release a limited edition Ultragirl with her signature. She has customized the shoe giving it a super modern feel with colorful features and her own customized insole.


Using haute-couture techniques, the renowned Taiwanese designer Jason Wu features on the most prestigious catwalks of the fashion world. The artisanal touch that rounds off his designs has a femininity that won over the most elegant women on the planet. In his collaboration with Melissa it was no different. With versatile and timeless shoes, Melissa + Jason Wu is the perfect match for looks that adapt to formal and casual occasions.


The London stylist Gareth Pugh is revered by big fashion names, such as the editors of American Vogue and Vogue Japan: Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo. With a style that is daring, irreverent and sometimes even medieval, Pugh’s garments are sophisticated and immaculately made. For his collab with Melissa, Gareth has created iconic and exclusive models with his signature style.


The Loves Melissa line kicks off with two products customized by the model Alessandra Ambrosio. One is the Melissa Incense Glitter, a delicate pair of high heels with a 50s ladylike style. The other is the Melissa Divine, a stylish reinterpretation of a classic shoe. “I was looking for something outside of my modelling career. I am fascinated by the creative process and admit that I was already wanting to create something with my name, with my brand”, explains the top model who is thrilled with the project.


A collaboration with HEAD – Genève (Haute Ecole d’art et Design of Geneva) has given rise to three unique reinterpretations of Melissa models. The Melissa Lady Dragon + Head Gèneve was designed by Morgane Ribeyrolles, one of the competition finalists, who drew inspiration from the stars on the Brazilian flag which represent the federal states. Each star becomes a circle and these circles, when linked with others, form a module. Therefore the shoe can be customized to have more or less volume according to individual tastes. The Melissa Lua + Head Gèneve was designed by Marine Stampfli and is inspired by her own childhood memories, when she enjoyed games of building toys and making necklaces with flowers. The result is a shoe that can be customized, with delicate flowers that slot together to create a variety of strappy sandal options. Melissa Ashia + Head Gèneve was designed by Julie Simon who was inspired by the little bath ducks she used to play with as a child. After a few different tries, Julie found her perfect design: a doll’s shoe with a very cheeky detail – the heel is shaped like a duck.


One of the biggest names in international architecture and design, Gaetano Pesce is on Melissa’s list of collabs with an exclusive model that is completely customizable according to the individual’s style. Creative, versatile and in line with current trends, Melissa + Gaetano Pesce is, at first sight, a cheeky ankle boot made up of bubbles that are only joined at their borders. With a pair of scissors, this shoe can be reshaped into a variety of models, from ballerina shoes to strappy sandals, according to the taste and creativity of the wearer. According to Gaetano Pesce, his main motivation for entering this partnership with Melissa was “the desire to create an innovative, unique shoe or, in other words, the possibility of post standardization in footwear”.


The Melissa Snake + Animale is the first model of the new partnership between Melissa and this hot brand. As indicated by the name, the main inspiration was the texture of snakeskin which gives the shoe its shape and a touch of sensuality.


The Melissa + Isabela Capeto collaboration has already won over thousands of fans with its iconic and daring designs that combine the designer’s characteristic romanticism and femininity with Melissa’s cutting-edge technology. Isabela Capeto has been involved in the SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week) since 2004 and on the 10th anniversary in the Brazilian fashion calendar she was named the most promising designer of the next decade. In addition, the almost artisanal quality of her work has already invaded the USA and important fashion capitals like Paris and London. “I loved working with Melissa because it’s a brand that reminds me of my teenage years and that even today can be adapted to your everyday outfits. The colors and yummy scent only increased my eagerness!”, revealed Isabela Capeto.


For the partnership between Doc Dog and Melissa, two models were chosen to get adaptations: the Neon high heeled shoe and the Imagination flat strap sandal. The Neon gets a customized insole with the logo and colored icons of Dog Doc as well as an adorable puppy pendant with the initials of the brand, D and D. In addition to its customized insole, the Imagination has a crystal-studded strap that goes over the toes. The model comes in black, white, purple, silver and gold, each with a different print of puppies on the insole.


The collaboration with the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid resulted in a shoe with flowing shapes, strategic cuts and an avant-garde design. According to Zaha, the inspiration was precisely the flowing movement of the body’s contours. “The fluidity of our design combined perfectly with Melissa’s plastic injection mould technology which is seamless”, she added. Another strong point of the Melissa + Zaha Hadid is how the architect played with proportions and worked with shapes and sizes. “Its asymmetry produces an inherent sense of movement in the design, suggesting continual transformation,” explained Zaha. In addition to being the first time that the architect designed a shoe, for her this was a project that provided the opportunity to express her ideas in different ways. “Our firm has been carrying out research for 30 years in various areas of architecture and product design, and this was a fairly challenging project, both from the design and technical points of view. And it was very harmonious, we worked very closely with Melissa in order to make our design a reality.”


The São Paulo brand Neon designed an exclusive model in collaboration with Melissa. Dudu Bertholini and Rita Comparato, stylists of the brand, created the Melissa Silks + Neon with a hint of vintage, inspired by a shoe from the stylist’s own collection. The accessory recalls the classic brogue model, while maintaining its femininity.


Every season, we join the enchanting world of Disney characters to bring even more fantasy to our Melissa lovers’ day-to-day. The result is irresistable models for both children and adults. Children love seeing the characters from the animations that are so vivid in their imaginations. Adults, for their part, can boost their more modern outfits with some trendy fun, guaranteeing a sassy look and colors à la mode.


A successful partnership where Melissa’s unique style meets carioca fashion to bring out classic models from its portfolio in renewed and fresh versions. The sun, beaches, blue skies and sunset parties are just some of the elements of this combo which is the face of the marvellous city, Rio de Janeiro.


This is an iconic partnership in Melissa’s history and that of the great dame of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood, who revolutionized behavior in the 70s and today is at the helm of an empire named after herself. More than a decade later, with dozens of ever modern, fun and fashionable models, the partnership has won over fans across the world and is a favorite of the hottest celebrities.


The Melissa Desire comes bearing the heavyweight signature of Triton. Tufi Duek’s brand has created a customized insole for this model with a super cute print of a cat. In addition to the Desire, Triton created a version of the Beauty sandal which also has cute cats prowling on its insole and a crystal-studded big toe strap. The Beauty + Triton is available in white, black, purple and red.

At the heart of this partnership is both brands’ proximity to the youth scene. According to Tufi Duek, Triton always has a mascot in its collections, and this season felines were chosen. “It was the way to graphically compose one of the summer prints. We named it Three Cats,” reveals Tufi.


Lorenzo Merlino fell in love with the Melissa Night model and created a special version. With minimalist features, the Melissa Night + Lorenzo Merlino has clean, straight lines that fit perfectly with the stylist’s clean universe.

To accentuate the elaborate and refined design of the shoe, Lorenzo chose a reflective material and limited color palette. The shoe, available in black, lilac, transparent and iridescent color, is made even more beautiful thanks to a delicate print that resembles topstitching.

The stylist confirms that plastic is a worldwide trend and gives any item an elegant modernity. The result is curves and straights that interact and form a unique shoe.


Melissa teamed up for the first time with the most famous luxury boutique in Brazil to launch an unprecedented model. The Melissa + Daslu was developed specially to complement Daslu’s summer collection and was sold exclusively by the boutique.

The model is a ballerina shoe with a perforated pattern all over and a rounded toe. It also has a little bow on top of the toes and two versions of the insole. One has illustrations of white doves and symbols of “peace and love”, while the other has a print with little coconut trees.


The multi-talented LoveFoxxx made history creating super fashionable shoes for Melissa. One pair, the Melissa Joking + LoveFoxxx became a must-have for the biggest fashionistas. It has character and irreverence inspired by the animal world that LoveFoxxx so loves. When seen from above, the shoe, which is open on the sides, resembles the face of a fox. The straps that connect the front and back part of the shoe come together behind the heel to form a cute bow.

In the winter of 2006, Luiza Hanae Matsushita, better known as LoveFoxxx, created the design of the Melissa Gallery façade and the print for a pair of trainers from the brand’s collection.

Daniella Zylbersztajn

The collaboration between Melissa and designer Daniella Zylbersztajn, with her exclusive collection of plastic bags, was an absolute hit. Melissa and Daniella’s partnership began when the designer started making exclusive items for the Melissa Gallery in 2005. Since then, this harmonic alliance has resulted in beautiful design pieces.

Daniella established herself in the fashion world with her unique, fashionable bags and her use of prime materials. The Tropicana bag was her first experience with plastic and, according to the designer, it was a challenge to work with this material. The result could not be better, delighting both Melissa customers as well as fans of Daniella. “I did a lot of research to create a prototype that would work with plastic. To my delight, the final product was practically the same as the one I had imagined”, revealed the designer.


The acclaimed designer Karim Rashid, known as the “Prince of Plastic” led a super special collaboration in the Melissa universe. Born in Egypt and based in New York, Karim’s style is unmistakeable, characterized by contemporary curves and contagious high spirits. “When I create, my mission is send a message of fun and emotion. I often say that my mission is to make design more democratic,” he affirms.

For Rashid, everything around us must be beautiful, functional and accessible. “And have large amounts of sensuality,” he adds. That’s why Karim found that the Melissa universe was perfectly aligned with his work.

For the shoes he created for the summer of 2005/06, Karim went with high spirits, comfort and unusual shapes. The highly sensual Melissa Karim Rashid High, with its teardrop shaped heel, combines modernity and femininity in a unique sandal, described as “geodesic-galactic” by Karim because of its bold lines. It’s a design object that evokes art, and through the malleability of plastic becomes a shoe to be admired and worn.

The Melissa Aranha Karim Rashid, with its curved straps that merge to form one single piece, is inspired by the Aranha model, a Melissa classic that has been reinterpreted in Karim’s style. Fully embracing – thanks to its shape which hugs your foot and its joyful combination of fluorescent and neutral colors – the Melissa Aranha by Karim Rashid marries casual and sporty looks and is soft, supple and full of simple but special details, like Karim’s iconography applied to the sole.


The stylist Gloria Coelho has always combined art and history in her collections. Since the 70s she has launched trends and concepts, creating pieces for sophisticated women who are up to date with what is happening in the world. Her collaboration with Melissa was no different.

The stylist resorted to Melissa’s own history to find the inspiration for her sandal. Melissa + Gloria Coelho is a reworking of a classic Melissa – the gladiator sandal. The straps wrap the foot and ankle in a sensual and fashionable way, using plastic to explore a retro concept.

Gloria Coelho combined the old and the contemporary to create a shoe that is comfortable, feminine and audacious. “This sandal, which I call mythological, is a staple of my work. It has already appeared in many of my collections. Recreating it in plastic is a way of travelling to the future which, in fact, is happening today”, said the stylist.


The Severine model has been an absolute hit for every season since its release. In this collaboration with the stylist Thaís Losso, the shoe is back with a surprising detail making it even more irresistible.

The Melissa Severine + Thaís Losso, with its rounded and romantic shape, sees its side buttons replaced by a rectangular, metal buckle full of character on top of the toes. Thaís’s inspiration for the Severine model came from the icon of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve. The name itself comes from one of Deneuve’s most emblematic cinema characters: Severine is the “Belle de Jour” in Luis Buñuel’s 1960s classic.


The whole partnership between Melissa and the designers Fernando and Humberto Campana is full of success. When Melissa invited this artist duo – specialized in furniture, aware of the impact of materials in the creative process and crazy for plastic and other prosaic and revolutionary materials – to design their first sandal, the identification with their creative and mildly subversive work was immediate.

All the shoes designed by the duo quickly became hits in Brazil and abroad, with their clean and overlapping lines, always combining practicality, modernity, comfort and Brazilian identity. Transformation is the keyword for Fernando and Humberto, who have discovered in plastic and in Melissa’s technology the ideal formula for designing interesting products and popularizing their creativity, taking art to the streets. The designers’ journey through Melissa’s world brought the fashion world all the diversity of plastic and the genius of those who bring us a breath of fresh air.


Always being avant-garde and launching trends are mottos that are already a part of the day-to-day at Melissa. So are partnerships with big fashion names. One of those is the British designer J.Maskrey who amazes in each collection with her creativity and style.

J. Maskrey began her career as a make-up artist. She then decided to let her innovative ideas run free and develop jewellery to be worn directly on the skin. Thus Skin Jewellery was created, a registered J. brand.

The designer adapted various Melissa classics to create beautiful limited editions. The J. Maskrey version of the Melissa Lady Dragon, for example, is even more sensual, with Swarovski crystals surrounding the foot.

Alexandre Herchcovitch

One of Melissa’s oldest collaborators, Alexandre Herchcovitch always surprises with models that are packed with creativity, mixing references from classic models with the most cutting-edge in the fashion universe. The Melissa + Alexandre Herchovitch partnership has created more than ten models in recent years, among them the Melissa Scarfun, the Polibolha trainer, the Glam and versions of the classic Melissa Aranha.

Daring, creative and highly talented, the São Paulo stylist has left his mark in fashion, both in Brazil and worldwide. And with Melissa it was no different. Melissa allows the stylist to use all of his creative potential when designing items. “Endless creative possibilities in the world of plastic, that is what makes this partnership so valuable, a total creative freedom” states Herchcovitch.


The successful collaboration with Fiorucci began in the 80s when the partnership between the Italian brand and Melissa released four futuristic models. It didn’t stop there: the Secret Love, a versatile and comfortable flip flop, became even more charming thanks to four different prints on its insole with the Fiorucci signature. They included kisses, hearts, the brand’s traditional angels and the brand name with a big kiss in place of the letter O.